Plan & Billing

Under Account, Plan & Billing include your club's subscription details based on your contract. 

  • Clubspot Basic: Our core service is free to use
  • Membership services: A powerful, intuitive member database 
  • Club website: custom pricing to use our templates and website builder to create a modern site for your club
  • Billing settings: option for Auto-pay to be ON or OFF
    • Auto-pay OFF is the default setting. Clubspot will not charge Clubspot Demo Club automatically. Instead, you will receive an email invoice whenever a payment is issued. Please see the Notifications section below to edit your billing email.
    • Auto-pay ON will require a Payment Method to be included on your account to be used to pay your Clubspot invoices, or to make direct payments to hundreds of clubs and organizations in the Clubspot network. If you'd like to streamline payments between and another organization please contact us to talk about your use case.
  • Notifications: Billing email contact, which can be edited 
  • Past Invoices: shows all invoices paid to Clubspot for subscription services