Why don't I see my registration in my Clubspot account?

When you register for regattas, camps, and social events through Clubspot those registrations are always accessible from your personal account

If you don't see registration in your account, there are a few common reasons why:

  • You used the "guest checkout" feature during registration. When you check out as a guest, the registration is not linked to your Clubspot account.
  • For regattas, the skipper (or crew) registered through their account, not yours.
  • You accidentally registered while logged into a different Clubspot account (if you have multiple).

How to confirm and/or edit your registration

First, all confirmed registrations receive a confirmation email. For regattas, you can also check the entry list to confirm that your name is there.

Event organizers can always view and edit your registration. Please contact the event administrator directly to confirm your registration and/or request edits if it does not appear in your account.

How to link your guest checkout back to your Clubspot Account

Please check your registration confirmation email to link your guest checkout to your Clubspot Account. To do so, click the link at the bottom of the email, screenshot below.