Regatta Communications


Clubspot has a few options available for communicating to your participants as part of the confirmation message process and event communications.


The messages view allows you to see all past emails that you have sent out, and by clicking into an email, view the delivery status of each person the email was sent to.



Confirmation Emails

Whenever a registration is processed for a Regatta, Clubspot will send a confirmation message, a receipt (if a payment was processed), and an E-signature document (if activated). Clubspot has a default confirmation message with basic information, but the confirmation message can be customized.

To customize the Confirmation Email, head into the Communication section and look for Custom from the available options.


Here's an example if what a standard Confirmation Email looks like through Clubspot.


๐Ÿ“˜The FROM address for your Confirmation Emails can be updated in the Club Account Settings under Account Details

If an email is not provided, emails will come from a no-reply@theclubspot.com

Outbound SMS

Clubspot also has integrated SMS or text messaging service that works using standard US or Canada formatted mobile phone numbers. For non-US or Canada customers, please contact Clubspot to discuss your needs.

By default, Clubspot will send an SMS to all skippers, crews, and any listed parents/guardians who have provided a mobile number across all boat classes. If you would like to send an SMS to only one boat class or select boat classes, just click on the desired recipients, type your message, and click send.