How to update your billing details

As a member of a club, you have the flexibility to update information including your Billing details. 

In the Billing tab of your membership, you can edit the following details: 

Paperless Billing

If toggled on, you will not receive a paper invoice via mail

If toggled off, the Club will be notified to send you a paper invoice to the respective billing address on file 


If toggled on, Clubspot will attempt to charge your default payment method automatically, whenever an invoice is due.

If toggled off, you will need to manually process payment for invoices due. 


  • Contact: Billing Email
    • Billing Email on file will receive all invoices
    • If you need to change your billing email, simply 'click to edit' and enter the updated email for invoices to be sent moving forward 
    • One thing to keep in mind: the billing email change does not impact invoices that are already issued. This is forward-looking, so the NEXT invoice will use that email.
    • A member can change their email address independently of the billing email - so updating a member's email address does not automatically update the billing email.
    • Your Billing Address can also be updated for any paper invoices 



Payment Method 

  • You can add or remove a payment method to your membership account