Regatta Links


The Links section is where you can find the external links you can use to share with registrants, post on your website, or post on social media. The following are the links provided, and what they are best used for:


  • Event Details

    This is the regatta micro site where race documents, announcements, public entry list, and links to registration and results can be found. Clubspot recommends using this link whenever possible.

  • Registration

    This is the link specific to the registration flow. If provided separate from the Events Details, it is likely the competitors may never find the event micro site.

  • Results

    This is the link where the public and competitors can view race results. Clubspot does not require a login in order to view race results, it is a completely public page.

  • Online Shop

    This link can be shared specifically to anyone who wants to purchase event merchandise or other related items to the regatta either after they have registered, or if they are not competing at all. This link is also available from the registration information in the sailor's dashboard once registration is completed.