Account Details

Basic Setup

When you create your Club account, there are some Basic Details we recommend filling out right away. You can find these important details under Account > Account Details.

We recommend adding a burgee to the account if you haven't already, and emails for Contact Info. The burgee should be square with a minimum size of 250p x 250p.

Bring your content to life with images, videos, and file attachments.

Processing Fees

Clubspot has a few different ways it can help you maximize your profits for any transactions you process online. Here are a few example of how Clubspot can help you:

  • Passing on the Processing Fee - this can be an easy way to pass the processing fee onto the payer instead of shouldering it yourself.

    Clubspot can set any percentage value (we recommend 3%)
    This will be added on top of the fee automatically
    Applies to the entire Club account
    Can be set for Card and ACH transactions
    Example: you are charging $100 for an entry fee, and a 3% Processing Fee is added making the total $103.

  • Preferred Payment Method - Clubspot can even use the above scenario and only apply it to Credit Card payments, thereby incentivizing the usage of a different method. We've seen this as a popular way to drive down costs associated with accepting payments online.

If you would like to configure any one of the above scenarios, please contact us.


If you are using Clubspot as a Standard Account and your Organization does not have membership of any type, we can disable this option entirely for you. If left active, your users will be asked if they are a member or not during the check out for Camps, Regattas, and Socials.

Please email us if you need membership disabled for your account - don't forget the Club name!