Reporting Payouts


The Payouts table will show you all Payouts or Withdrawals that have been completed or scheduled.

The Payouts will match your bank statements for deposits and withdrawals and can be used as a simple reconciliation tool.

Payout Exports

The Payout table shows you an overview of all Payouts over a specified period of time. You can adjust the view via the data picker and then Export that information. The information you export will exactly match what you see on your bank statement.

A Withdrawn Payout means that your pending transfer balance wasn't positive enough to cover and refunds that might have been performed, so funds were pulled from your connected bank account to cover the balance.

If you need the associated transactions that accompany each Payout, you can click on the Payout row to view that information.

You'll see a summary of the transactions including number of payments and refunds with total amount, and any associated fees. If you click Export we'll export the Payout Transactions.

Configuring Payouts

Payouts are automated by our payment processor, Stripe. Depending on what type of Stripe account you have connected to your Clubspot account, you may need to contact us, or you may be able to do it yourself.

Payouts may be configured for one of the following schedules:


  • Daily (funds will be batched daily and deposited based on availability)
  • Weekly on any preferred day
  • Monthly on any preferred date


Manual Payouts are only available for Standard Accounts and require access to your Stripe account in order to initiate a Payout. Clubspot does not recommend using manual Payouts.

Once configured, you will be able to view Payouts. 

Custom Accounts

Any Clubspot account configured to accept payments from August 2020 on will be set up with a Custom Account. Even if you had previously created a Clubspot account, but had yet to accept payments, you will still have a Custom Account configured.

The default Payout schedule unless requested will be Daily.

Anyone with a Custom account will need to contact Clubspot directly in order to change your Payout schedule.

Standard Accounts

A Standard Account is any user who had to create a Stripe account either prior to connecting to Clubspot or during the account creation process. If you are able to login to a Stripe account and view your payment details, then you have a Standard Account.

To make changes to your Payout schedule, head to your Stripe Settings > Payout Settings or via this link: dashboard.stripe.com/settings/payouts