How to grant access to club administrators


As an Adminstrator, you can invite additional participants to the dashboard to support management of memberships, events, etc. The additional levels of access only provide access to the specific Events, and nothing else.

The levels of access are:

  • Full Admin - Provides full access to manage this club, including: membership, regattas, camps, accounting, website, and more. Recommended for Club Manager. 
  • Membership - Provides full access to manage membership (including membership applications). Recommended for General manager, Board
  • Applications - Provides access to manage membership applications. Recommended for
    Membership committee
  • Regattas -Provides full access to create and manage regattas and series. Recommended for PRO, Fleet captains
  • Camps - Provides full access to create and manage camps Recommended for Summer program director
  • Social Events - Provides full access to create and manage social events. Recommended for Event coordinators
  • Finance - Provides access to accounnting and reports. Recommended for Bookkeeper
  • Payments - Provides access to manage stored payment methods, and make payments on behalf of Clubspot Yacht Club. Recommended for Bookkeeper, Program Director
  • Web - Provides access to the Clubspot Website Builder. Recommended for IT, Social media chair
  • Point of Sale - Provides full access to manage point of sale terminals, plus add or remove lower level POS users (employees). This permission is for managers, NOT for individual employees using the POS system. Recommended for Club administrator, Food & Beverage manager
  • Booking & Reservations - Provides full access to manage booking & reservations. Recommended for Club administrator, Front Desk manager
  • Connect - Provides access to the Connect dashboard to view reciprocal memberships and event data between Clubspot Yacht Club and other clubs/organizations. Recommended for Program Director

To add a Admin, click the +NEW ADMIN button, and provide an email. If the user already has a Clubspot account, we'll send them an invitation to their email. The user MUST accept the invitation in order to gain access to the event. This is to provide you with an extra level of security when sharing access to your competitor's sensitive personal information and contact details. If the user you invited does not have a Clubspot account, we'll create a temporary account for them, and then walk them through the process of creating one and logging in for the first time.