Member Billing

Add items to the next (upcoming) invoice

You can add invoice items to the member's next invoice at any point in time. These line items will be billed on the member's next invoice, according to their preset billing schedule.

Issue a credit or refund

You can credit or refund individual line items on a member invoice. This is commonly used to issue a refund, or credit back a charge that the member disputed after the invoice was already sent.

To get started, click on the invoice you'd like to modify, then click the three dots for each individual line item that you'd like to credit or refund.

This process gives you full control to credit some charges, while keeping others.

Credits on draft (future) invoices

If the invoice is still a draft (future) invoice you can simply remove the line item altogether.

Credits on open (unpaid) invoices

When you issue a credit on an open (unpaid) invoice, it reduces the amount due on the invoice.

Credits on paid invoices

When you issue a credit on an invoice that has already been paid you'll see an option to either issue a refund back to the member's card or bank account, or add the credit to the member's balance.


Posting a Payment

Occasionally you may receive a payment outside of Clubspot for member billing. This could be cash, check, or other types of credits (for example service hours) that may need to be recorded.

You can record these received payments on the member account so that the member can see it was received, and you have a record of receiving it. When adding a payment, we give you the option to also add it as a credit on the member's account, or just to record the payment.

To apply the recorded payment, click on the + PAYMENT button under Payments in the member's account. While entering the details, you can decided whether to apply this as a credit or not. In most situations we recommend that you apply this to the member's account so that the payment can be recorded against an invoice.


If you chose to Credit the member's account with the recorded payment, you can check the credit balance as well as the History of Credits and Debits to ensure the payment is recorded.


In most cases, the Credit will automatically be applied to open invoices at the end of the next billing cycle. If there is no invoice scheduled, we recommend issuing an invoice against the Credit so that it can be applied.