Regatta Notice Board


The Notice Board is your Regatta communications hub to your competitors.

You can post both Notices and Race Documents for your competitors to view.


The notices section is your more general announcements. This is a standard text editing area that gives you full control over posting any information or announcements you want about your event.


Your posted Notices will be displayed in the DETAILS section of the Event page.


🚧Clubspot does not recommend posting large photos or Posters in this section

If you would like to post an event image, please use the Settings > Basic Details to upload your event image.

Race Docs

Your official Race Docs including NOR, SIs, and other necessary Notices to Competitors should be posted in the Race Docs section.

Clubspot supports PDF uploads and also external hyperlinking should your information be posted in another location that may or may not be yours.

To add a Race Doc, click + DOCUMENT button.


After clicking + DOCUMENT you'll see the options for uploading a PDF or using a link. Fill out the rest of the fields and be sure to click UPLOAD.


Once posted, your Race Docs will appear just below the DETAILS section on your Event page.