Camps E-Signatures

E-signature Basics

There are a few important things to know when it comes to managing waives in Clubspot, so we'll break it down for you.

How does it work?
E-signatures will be sent to each participant upon successful registration. The E-signature document is typically sent alongside the confirmation email and the payment receipt. Waivers cannot be signed before registration.

If the Parent/Guardian data collection switch is turned on then we will send the waiver request to the Parent/Guardian email provided. Otherwise, we will send the waiver to the participant's email.

Is it Legally Binding?
Yes. Clubspot partners with a legally binding E-signature service that complies with the ESIGN Act and other international standards for collecting digital signatures securely.

Waiver Status
There are three different status' you might see:

  • Incomplete - means that no signatures have been received from any party listed on the waiver
  • Partially Signed - means that one or more, but not all signatures have been received
  • Signed - means that all signatures listed have been received

Other Uses
Waivers can also be used for other things like a club boat charter. Clubspot Products can also send a waiver if someone purchases a specific Product that has an e-signature document tied to it.


E-signature services require only one signature per participant

If your waiver requires that a minor and a parent sign, the waiver must be modified so that only the parent/guardian will sign on behalf of the minor participant.

Custom fields can be used to collect the participants name if required. If you aren't sure how this will work, reach out to us anytime and we'll be happy to review your waiver.

Templates - Setting up a Waiver

To add a Waiver, you can create a Template at the Club level to use across your entire account, or you can upload one directly to your Camp. When you go to upload a waiver, we'll look for existing waivers you can choose from, or you can add a new one.



Under the Contracts view, you'll be able to find all waivers and their view their status.

If you need to prepare an emergency binder full of waivers, you can click the Export button on the Contracts table, and Clubspot will combine all waivers into a single PDF for printing. Please be aware that unsigned or partially signed waivers will not be included in this export because they are deemed incomplete.


You can click on an individual Contract to view the details and perform additional actions such as sending a reminder, updating the email it is being sent to, viewing the timeline of events, or withdrawing the contract should it no longer need signing. The Signer fields are also available when looking at the contract details view.


Withdrawing a contract will void the original, even if there is a signature on it. Withdrawing a contract should only be used in the event the participant is no longer participating, or if multiple waivers were sent.

👍 Clubspot automatically sends out a reminder every 3 days until the waiver is signed