Creating an Account for a Regatta

Welcome to Clubspot! 

To get started, you will first need to create a login with Clubspot at theclubspot.com/login.

Once you've created a login, you'll want to create a Club account with Clubspot. Club accounts are necessary to organize any events, and can be created by clicking on Clubs in your account dashboard and rolling the link at the bottom of the page, or here: theclubspot.com/new-club.

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Account Basics 

Personal Dashboard

By creating an account with Clubspot, you will get both a Personal Dashboard, as well as access to the Club you have created or have been invited to.

The Personal Dashboard is where you will land whenever you login, and the page looks like the image below. You may or may not have any listed Registrations or Memberships depending on if you use Clubspot outside of your involvement with an Organization.


Club Dashboard

To access the a Club Dashboard, you can either click on Clubs in your Personal Account, or you can click on your account name in the lower left. You can also use the lower left option to quickly switch between Club accounts if necessary.


Once you have created / linked a club to your account, you can start creating the regatta.