Regatta Managing Results


When you score and publish races in the Scoring Panel the results are automatically displayed on the public results page.

You'll see some additional options on the results page:

Print results
Copy/Paste results
*PHRF Corrected Time view

How to print results

From the public results page, just click "More" and then click "Print Results".



 How to Copy/Paste results (eg. into Excel)

Copy and pasting results is very useful when you want to view results in a different format. For example, you might want to manipulate the results in a spreadsheet (like Google Sheets). All you need to do is click to copy the results, and then paste them into the spreadsheet.



Viewing Corrected Times for PHRF

If you'd like to view Corrected Times on results, or if your competitors are asking how to view Corrected Times, you can click on the Race # header which will bring up Corrected Times. You can then print those Corrected Times if you wish.


Printing Results

We've prioritized visibility when it comes to printing results over trying to fit as many results rows as possible on a single page. We recommend printing results in Landscape format for posting paper results on the Official Notice Board.