Mailchimp Email Account Setup

The Mailchimp integration is our new and improved way to manage emails. It's easy (and free!) to create a mailchimp account and connect it to your Clubspot account. This allows you to create your own email tags, manage your own subscriber list, and receive replies directly to your custom "from" email on your communications to members.

Here are the steps to set up:

  1. Create a free mailchimp account for your club at https://login.mailchimp.com/signup/
  2. From the Clubspot dashboard, click Communications > Settings > to connect your Mailchimp account, then follow the prompts. 
  3. Now that you connected your own Mailchimp account we'll sync your membership database with that account so it populates the new account with subscribers. 

Screenshot below of Dashboard for Step 2 to sync Mailchimp to Clubspot.