Point of Sale Development

To create and host your snack bar, merchandise, etc. you can use the Point of Sale tool on Clubspot. 

First, you will want to set up the Location 

  1. Go to Point of Sale
  2. Subtab Locations and in the upper right-hand corner click [+New Location] 
  3. You can then create the name for your Club Shop  

Once the location is created, you can then create Products that will ultimately be linked to the Club Shop. 

  1. Go to Products and in the upper right-hand corner, click [+New Product]  
  2. Create the name and price for the Product, for example, Clubspot Hat 
  3. You then will need to create a tag so the hat is linked correctly to the Club Shop   
  4. Click into the newly created Product Tag and search for the Product (Clubspot Hat) to link to the Tag  
  5. You can also check that the Product is linked to the Tag by going to the Products subtab and clicking into the Product  
  6. Lastly, you will want to now link the Clubspot Hat to the Club Shop in the Point of Sale Location  
  7. Once tagged, you can Launch the Point of Sale system to see the Club Shop