Creating Membership Applications

To create a membership application, go to Membership > Settings. Before doing so, make sure you have set up Membership Categories and Membership Billing

Here you create all custom questions and settings for the application. 

There are 3 types of applications. 

  • Open Application: Membership is closed to the public, but anyone can apply to become a member via the online application form
  • Open Enrollment: Anyone can join Clubspot Demo Club by registering online.
  • Invite Only: Membership is closed to the public. Prospective members must receive an explicit invitation from a club administrator to apply or join


Application Notification: email that will be linked to applications. You can add emails to notify when a new application is submitted. 

Member profiles: the default is to have this setting optional but can toggle on to require a member picture to be submitted with the application. 


Date Collection: create custom questions for applicants to complete with the application. Standard questions will include the following: 

  • Primary Applicant First / Last name, email, mobile 
  • Address
  • Date of Birth 
  • Applicant Picture, optional or required 

To create a custom question, click the [+ Custom Field] and create the question and type of question. If you create a dropdown list or multi-select, you will need to also create the options. To do so, once the question is created, click on the question and then options to [+Custom Field Option]. 

 Dropdown or multi-select custom field options 


New Member email and renewal emails will be sent automatically to applicants once accepted and for the membership renewal respectively. You can also create custom emails for these as well. 

 To create a custom email, click on Custom and type your message in the body and click UPDATE to save.