Reporting Member Invoices

Member Invoices


The Member Invoices section is for accounts that use our member billing services to automate collection of annual membership dues in conjunction with member house accounts. Each of these options can be set at different collection schedules as needed for your Club or Organization. As an example, your Club might collect annual or quarterly membership dues but also want to charge monthly for any purchases made at the Club for F&B or registrations for Camps, Regattas, and Socials.

The Member Invoices table will include all invoices sent to members for the given time period selected and include statuses such as Scheduled, Paid, Paid with Credit, Past Due, and Voided.



If you need to reconcile any invoices on behalf of your members, we make it easy. Click on the member row you'd like to edit.

If you have permission from the customer, you can use an existing payment method on file by clicking Pay Now, or you can use a credit card number as well. If you received a check or cash, you can use the Record Payment option to reconcile the invoice.


Paper Billing

Clubspot also supports the ability to run traditional paper billing invoicing through mail. To run a batch of paper billing invoices, use the Filter tool and set to Open (Unpaid) + Hard Copy and then run the Export for PDF Versions.

The Export will supply PDF copies of member invoices with pre formatted addresses that fit standard US windowed envelopes.

Members or Admin can manage these settings in the member profile under Billing.

Other Invoices

The Other Invoices table shows a view for all additional invoices that have been issued across your account.

These invoices include payment adjustments issued through Camps, Regattas, Socials, and one off invoices issued to members.