Camps Reporting


The Reporting section allows you to see how your Camp is performing in a snapshot. Clubspot displays pertinent information such as Gross Revenue, Pending Revenue, Amount Refunded, and Payment Count.

There are also 4 different table views you can choose from including Payments, Orders, Line Items, and Invoices.


The Payments table shows all payments associated with your Camp, and their status. You can click on any payment row to view payment information and perform refunds.

You may also see payments for archived registrations. We do this in order to keep event reporting accurate for accounting.

You can Export all of the Payment data anytime by clicking the Export button in the table.




The Orders view shows you all orders associated with your Camp. Orders may not always correspond with Payments depending on if you are selling additional merchandise, because you may find an Order for the entry, and an additional Order for merchandise, both from the same buyer.

Clicking on an Order will show you all associated Line Items with that Order, and a link back to the original Payment as well.



Line Items

The Line Items table is a list of all of the items that make up the Orders. Here you can identify individual items and if you scroll to the right of the table, you can find a link back to the original Order by clicking on the 3 dots.

Line Items are important for helping separate entry fees from merchandise from taxes for accounting. These items can even be broken down into different GL Codes depending on what the bookkeeping side prefers.




The Invoices section will only appear if you have issued any additional invoices to participants or placed any Holds on cards.

You can use this table to filter by status for all Invoices issued within the Camp, and then you can click on the invoice row for additional options to re-send, view invoice, or pay the invoice.