Regatta Creating a Race


To being scoring your regatta, you will need to create a Race. Each Boat Class will automatically be assigned to the Race, however you may need to add additional settings for the Race if you are using Fleet scoring or a handicapping format.

We'll go through how to set up races for each of the different types of racing.

Getting Started

To add a race, click + Race in the Scoring > Races section. Races will be added sequentially.


After adding a race, you can click on the race row to show options for Settings, Starts, or Fleet Assignments.


Race Settings

Race Settings allow you to configure some options including whether the Race is published or not, or if you need to remove the race entirely.

You can use the Nickname to rename the Race. The default it R1, R2, R3, etc. You may want to rename them for Qualifying and Finals such as Q1, Q2, Q3, F1, F2, F3, etc or you may want to rename a race if a certain trophy corresponds, or if the race occurred on a particular date.

❗️Removing a Race will delete all race data and renumber races that occurred after it.

This should only be used in specific circumstances such as if a protest committee decides to discard an entire race for the regatta.

Do not use this option if you need to rescore the race for all boats. Instead you should go to the scoring and appropriately score boats as needed.


👍Standard One Design scoring does not need any Starts configured

Only PHRF and One Design with Fleets Races require Starts configuration.

To add a Start, click on the Start link in the Race dropdown, or from the Race Settings main menu.


For further information about configuring Starts, please refer to the appropriate section below, either for handicapping or One Design with Fleets.

Handicapping Setup

You will need to create a separate Start for each Boat Class sailing under handicapping for every Race. This is necessary in order to calculate the correct handicaps using the appropriate scoring method and additional handicapping factors.

To set up Race parameters, click on the Race to access the options. After that, you can click on EDIT to make any necessary changes to start date or time, define the scoring method, add relevant course information, or adjust the A/B Factors.

In general, the start number does not have any effect on scoring or results.


👍Handicap Start settings can be adjusted anytime before or after scoring - you do not need to rescore.

One Design with Fleets Setup

If you haven't read (or need a refresher) on whats required to enable or set up One Design with Fleets scoring, be sure to check out the Scoring Setup section of this guide.


Starts are used to help pair the appropriate colored Fleets or differentiate between qualifying Fleets for results purposes. It is very important that Starts be set up properly before you begin scoring.

Starts come before Fleet Assignments. You can learn more about how you can assign Fleet Assignments after this section.

If you are running a Qualifying and Finals format event, Clubspot will automatically switch from colors to Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc based on the Finals start number you select in the Scoring Setup section. For the Qualifying round, Clubspot offers colors of Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Purple, and Black. For the Finals round, Clubspot supports Gold, Silver, Bronze, Emerald, and Iron Fleets.

Assigning Colors to Starts

For a Qualifying and Finals format, you will want to rollover the column titled Fleets where is says 'None' to select the appropriate color for that Start.

You will need to add a 2nd Start for Blue, and 3rd Start for red, etc if all Fleets are racing separately.


For a Round Robin format, you can rollover the area again to add another color Fleet to the same Start.

 If you need to remove a color from a Start, you can rollover the section again and click on the color to remove it.

❗️Clubspot does not recommend adjusting Start colors if scoring has occurred.

This action could result in significant errors that are difficult to correct. You should make sure all boats with that color are unscored from the Race before you make a change to the Start.

Fleet Assignments

After you've added colors to the correct Starts, you can move to the Fleet Assignments section.

🚧Clubspot does not currently support import functionality for Fleet Assignments.

Instead, Clubspot offers sorting options and Automatica assignments using randomness or ordered based on the sorting options. If you require specific Fleet Assignments due to ranking or experience, you will need to do this manually.

Qualifying or Round Robin

If its the first time you are assigning Fleets, such as before Race 1, you can either manually assign fleets however you like by following over the R# Fleet Column and clicking on the desired color, or by clicking on the BULK ASSIGNMENTS button located at the bottom of the table to view the automatic assignments. Selecting Random will assign fleets based on the international standard of 1-2-2-1, 1-2-3-3-2-1, 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1, etc.

If you are scoring subsequent races, you'll see an option to Copy from R#. This will directly copy from the previous race assignment for Race formats that might have sailors in Yellow or Blue all day for qualifying, and 2-3 races are scheduled.

If your Fleet assignments will change for the following days' racing, you can use the column located to the left letting you know what place the boat is in to help with verifying Fleet Assignments or making the break between Finals Fleets.



Once you've reached the Finals stage of your event, Clubspot will automatically show Gold, Silver, etc. based on how many Starts you've created. If in your Class Scoring Setup you defined that you will further subdivide your Silver Fleet, Clubspot will show two Silver colors, one with an A and another with a B.


👍Once you assign Finals colors, you will not have to copy them for any subsequent races, their colors are "locked in" for the remainder of the Regatta.