Guest Memberships

Guest Memberships include any approved Guest Members at your Club. You can view all member details by clicking into the member. 

Within the Guest Details, you can elect to opt-out guest members from your membership directory. The default will be visible. 



You can convert it to a full membership at any time by editing the category and plan below.

 You can also [+PRODUCT] as a one-off to the guest membership. Example below. 



Includes all billing and payment details for the guest member throughout their membership. 

Upcoming or next invoices as well as past invoices paid are also included. You can [+NEW INVOICE] or [+ADD TO NEXT INVOICE] line items as needed. 



Boats include any Boats linked to the Guest member, often not applicable since they're a guest. 



If the guest member has signed any waivers, you can track them here. 


Visible to Administrators only for internal notes about the guest member. For example, family friend of senior member at the club.