Website Adding PDFs

Adding PDFs

Adding PDFs to websites may be necessary from time to time to share important documents with your users. Because PDFs can vary in size, we recommend that they be added as hyperlinks, and not as raw files. This approach also helps your mobile users to be able to view them properly on their device.

Here's the best way to upload a PDF to Clubspot's Web Designer:

  • In the chosen component, add text and highlight the text you would like to link the PDF to
  • Click on the Insert/edit Image uploader icon; then
  • Click the local file selector icon, and choose your file
  • Let the uploader run for a few seconds to generate a document link (this may take up to a minute for extremely large PDFs depending on upload speed)
  • Copy the document link and click CANCEL
  • Click on the Hyperlink icon and paste the link
  • Click Save, and then Publish