Membership Application Management

You can view all Membership Applications in the Membership > Applications tab. 

Application details include: 

  • First / Last Name 
  • Status (Applied, Recommended, Awaiting Details, Approved) 
  • Category  & Plan (based on membership categories created and available for applicant) 
  • Plan (membership billing plan for the category selected on application) 
  • E-signatures (if any are attached to the application)


By clicking into each Applicant, you can see Applicant Details, Status, Notes (visible to administrators only), Billing, and E-signature status. 

Applicant Details 

You can update Applicant details by clicking [EDIT] in the lower left hand corner. 

Address and additional info collected on the application with data collection are also included here for reference and can also be edited if needed throughout the application process. 



The Status tab shows a Timeline or paper trail of all the applicant details. You can also track or add any Sponsors to review the applicant. 

 You can change the status of the applicant by clicking on the respective status and changing to the next phase. For example, from Applied to Recommended or Approved. 

 Once the status is changed, it will be tracked in the Timeline. 


Notes allow Administrators to capture any additional information that is not included in the application. For example, if there is a personal connection to the applicant or if they are friends of another existing member. 

Simply click [EDIT] and include notes for reference. You can also add more notes or delete if not longer applicable. 


Category & Plan 

Includes details on what membership category and plan the applicant is applying for. This is not an editable field as it is determined by the applicant during the application process. 



Billing will likely be blank for a new applicant as they have not yet been invoiced for any membership dues unless there is a fee for an application in which case it would show in Billing details. 



If a waiver is attached to your membership application, the status will appear here.