GL Codes


GL (or General Ledger) codes are commonly used to tag revenue to a specific account. You can create any number of custom GL codes in Clubspot, then set the rules for which Line items should be tagged with a given code.


Create a GL code

When you click the button to create a new GL code you'll be asked for two inputs:

Code - this is the actual General Ledger code
Description - this is a simple reminder for what the code refers to


Edit a GL code

How to edit a GL code

Your club's revenue is tagged with specific GL codes based on the rules that you define.

To edit a GL code, and configure tagging rules, simply click on the code. You'll see a series of options to define which type of revenue should be tagged with this GL code. To see how it works, select an option from the dropdown under the "What's included" section.


Example: Tennis Pro Shop

Let's imagine we want GL code 0002 to be applied to all purchases from the Tennis Pro Shop. No problem! We'll create a tagging rule based on Point of Sale Location, and select the Tennis Pro Shop as the location we want to track.


Once configured, all revenue from the Tennis Pro Shop will be tagged with our code 0002.