Regatta Settings


The Regatta Settings is where you do the bulk of your event set up for boat classes, entry fees, and data collection for registration.


This section allows you to add addition Regatta Administrators. The additional levels of access only provide access to the specific Regatta, and nothing else.

The levels of access are:

  • Full Admin - allows for complete access to the entire event. This is generally good for Regatta Chair, RC Chair, or other critical personnel.
  • Basic Access - allows for entry management. This is generally good for registration volunteers who need to verify entry details, or safety personnel who need to access important emergency contact information.
  • Scoring - allows access to regatta scoring only. This permission level does not have the ability to change registration information and can only access the Scoring section of the regatta.

๐Ÿ‘Basic and Scoring Access can be used concurrently

This is a great option of you have volunteers who are involved with registration, safety, and scoring.


In addition to the access you are given or grant to others, we also display additional access other users might have under the External Access section. These permissions are granted whenever you add membership validation, and anyone with access to that organization will also gain access to your event as a Full Admin.

To add a Regatta Admin, click the +NEW ADMIN button, and provide an email. If the user already has a Clubspot account, we'll send them an invitation to their email. The user MUST accept the invitation in order to gain access to the event. This is to provide you with an extra level of security when sharing access to your competitor's sensitive personal information and contact details. If the user you invited does not have a Clubspot account, we'll create a temporary account for them, and then walk them through the process of creating one and logging in for the first time.

Basic Details

The Basic Details section is where you can set up the basics of the event that are publicly displayed on the Event Details page.

Certain settings have far reaching effects, so its important to understand how they can be used for your event.

Regatta Settings

The Regatta Settings offers a few pieces of information including event name, location, start date, end date,and entry deadline.


The Regatta Settings may be changed anytime and generally don't have an effect on anything apart from the Registration Deadline.

The Entry Deadline is the date/time in which registration will close for your event. The timezone used for this setting is base on the user's device. So if you are setting this time using a computer on East Coast timezone, it will use EST.

The Published switch may be used when you are ready to make your event live. The event can also be run in hidden mode, but it may be a little bit harder for your participants to locate the event, and will require you to share the event links with participants. For a Custom Account, the published switch will automatically publish the event onto the Regatta section of your website if you have a Regatta Component added to a portion of your site. If you add membership validation to your event, and that Organization is a Custom Account, publishing your event will also automatically list your event on their regatta calendar on their website. Examples of some Organization you can do this with are USODA, US I420 Class, and the Sabot Class.

The Allow Guest Checkout switch seen in the screenshot above is for Custom Account users only. This switch sets whether your event is for members only, or whether its for members and guests (non-members).

The Status swtich seen in the screenshot above is to allow for Registration to be 'Open' or 'Closed'. If Closed it will no longer allow guests to register. 

Main Image

The Main Image allows you to upload an image that will be displayed on the Event Details page of your event. To upload an image, click on the image box.


There are two options for framing or cropping your image:

  • Preserve Entire Image - allows you to keep the image as is
  • Zoom to Fit - will zoom the image to fit the image frame automatically. This option may crop the borders of your image.

๐Ÿ‘ Clubspot recommends an image size of 420p x 320p for best results

Registration help/notes

The Registration help/notes Policy is a great way to share any information such as refund or cancellation policies, or it can also be used as an 'I Agree' text.

The text you provide here will be shown on the final step of the registration process. 

Please note, to save registration help/notes, click [Update] in the lower right hand corner. 


Archiving an Event

Should you need to completely remove your event from your Organization's dashboard, you can find the Archive button at the bottom of Settings > Basic Details.

Clubspot never deletes Events, it only removes them from your dashboard. We do this in order to maintain important accounting information for reporting purposes. Loss of this data would provide inaccurate reporting for the life of your account.

If you need to un-archive an event or have accidentally archived your event, please email Clubspot Support with the name of the event and what Organization you are with.

โ—๏ธ Archiving an Event will remove it from your Dashboard and from your Website

๐Ÿšง How can I close my registration?

Registrations can be closed in a variety of ways depending on what you want to accomplish:

  • Registration Deadline - Will allow you to set a date/time in which all registrations close, found under Settings > Basic Details
  • Specific Registrations - you can control which Boat Classes are available to register for by clicking on a Boat Class and changing the status to 'Unavailable'

Inbound Payments

Payments Overview

Inbound Payments provides you an extra level of control for the different types of payment methods you would like to accept for your event.

For more information about how fees are assessed and your available options, please see the Receiving Payments section under the Getting Started menu of this guide.


๐Ÿ‘You DO NOT need to connect a new Stripe account to each event. Your event inherits the account already connected to the Organization.

Here's an overview of what you can expect from each of the Payment Methods:

  • Credit Card allows the user to enter any major credit or debit card during the registration process
  • ACH allows the user to pay using their bank account through an integration we offer. Clubspot recommends enabling this option as processing fees are very low.
  • Member Charge allows members of your Club to use their club member number to make a payment. These charges will show as 'Processing' and require approval from an Admin.
  • Offline Payment is considered a cash or check payment, and requires an Admin to mark the registration as 'Paid' once the payment is received. Clubspot generally does not recommend the usage of this payment method.

Advanced Payment Methods

Clubspot has the ability to force the user to place a payment method on file, either a card or a bank account. This switch should only be used if you plan on using a Hold.

๐Ÿšง If a Payment Method is unavailable, you will need to enable it at the Club level first


The Classes section is what allows you to define the invited Classes that will be participating in your Regatta.

โ—๏ธ Each Class will receive its own set of Results

When you set up your event, its important to know how you intend to deliver results. Clubspot will allow you to move entires to other Classes, but in general each Class will receive its own set of results.

Here are a few important examples to consider:

  • Optimist racing usually has a 'Championship' fleet that includes a Red/White/Blue Division in results. Your Optimist Class should be set up as a single Class with a Red/White/Blue Division. Your Optimist Green sailors should be set up as a separate Class.
  • Laser registrations should also be split into Laser Standard, Laser Radial, and Laser 4.7 Classes. It is rare that all three would race together for the same results, so we recommend creating separate Classes.
  • PHRF racing often has multiple Breaks, Divisions, or Classes depending on how you refer to them in your area based on a number of factors including speed, rating, and size. The most common practice is to create a general PHRF Class and then separate your entries into other Classes depending on how they will be grouped to race. It is recommend that you create additional Classes such as PHRF A or PHRF Div I, PHRF B or PHRF Div II to accommodate the different groupings.

If your event will be run using a qualifying and finals or round robin style racing, we'll tackle that topic in Scoring. We recommend that you follow the principles explained above to create the appropriate registration option.

๐Ÿ‘ Click on the 3 Dots on the Class row to update the display order on the registration page

๐Ÿšง Clubspot does not recommend Archiving a Boat Class that has active registrations or if Scoring has occurred

To access more Class settings, click on the Class row.


Basic Details

The Basic Details section provides more control over the Class registration options.

The Class Details allows you edit the name of the Class and specify whether it is single handed, double handed, or more. It is recommended that for single handed Classes you set this to Single Handed to ensure that teammates are not asked or required. If you do not set a value here, Clubspot will always ask for additional teammates, but it is not a requirement.

The Status allows you to set whether or not the Class is available to register for. Setting it to 'Unavailable' will hide the Class on the registration page.

Under Advanced you can set the type of registration including Application, Invitation, and Coach, and also set a minimum number of sailors per registration, and a minimum age requirement. Here's what you can expect from the different types of registration options:

  • Open

    Standard registration process
    Waitlist options

  • Application

    Requires further approval from an Admin
    Allows for a review process with Notes
    Can charge an Application fee separate from the Entry Fee
    Applications will not display on the public or Admin Entry List until approved
    Cannot be used in connection with Invitations

  • Invitation

    Requires specific invitations to be sent by an Admin
    Invitations are unique
    Expiration date and times can be set
    Invitation table will show unanswered Invitations
    Once accepted, Invitations will display on the public and Admin Entry List
    Cannot be used in conjunction with Applications

  • Coach

    Follows the Open registration process
    Excludes some questions specific to Sailors



The Sync option is feature which allows you to sync entries from other events you have access to. This can help for Series type events in which you may want to copy entries across duplicate events. Synching entries will not pull in waivers, payments, or issue new payments. We will simply copy registration information from one Regatta to the next. Also when you perform a Sync, we will look for duplicates. So if you are using this feature to score a Series by pulling entries from multiple events, we will do our best not to duplicate entries.



A Division allows you to provide a subset of results automatically when enabled for a specific Class. Divisions are intended to be used as age, gender, or other similar differentiations to provide additional results within that Class. Please note that scores are not re-scored, but rather just organized by boats within that Division.

Click the + DIVISION button to add a Division. Don't forget to set the Division as User selectable or Admin selectable. Setting it to User selectable will ask what Division(s) they want to be in as part of the registration process, but it is not required.

๐Ÿ‘Entries can be in multiple Divisions for the same Regatta

๐Ÿ“˜ Pro Tip - Optimist Red/White/Blue Divisions

If you'd like to automatically have Optimist sailors be categorized into their appropriate color Division, all you need to do is use the word 'Opti' (which includes Optimist) in the Boat Class name, and also have Red, White, and Blue Divisions configured. You can even leave them as not user-selectable and we'll automatically pull sailors into the Divisions based on Date of Birth.


In order to collect legally binding E-signatures, you will need to first add a new waiver or enable an exiting Template under the E-signatures section, and then you will also need to enable it on a Class by Class basis.

To enable a connected waiver, click on the 3 dots and click Require Document. Enabling a document will automatically send waiver requests to all registrants for your event, including crew.

๐Ÿ‘ Clubspot supports the ability to send multiple waivers and different waivers to different Classes depending on the requirements of your Regatta

Entry Fees

The Entry Fees section allows you to set the pricing for your event. We use a table layout to make it clear what each class is being charged.

Entry Fees

You can add a date window to adjust the Entry Fee for an "early bird" or "late fee" based on. date timeframe. The amount entered in the respective column will be charged based on the date/time you specified in the setting.

To add a date window, click +add a date window and then enter in the respective date and/or time, and if this is 'After this date' or 'Before this date'.

Below is an example of the various different Entry Fees based on timeframe. 

  • Regular Fee

  • Before Jan 1, 2025 - acts as an "early bird" special

  • After March 1, 2025 - acts as a "late fee" 

Member Discounts

Clubspot allows you to configure Member Discounts to provide member benefits, an industry first, and something only available on Clubspot. The amount you enter in this section is the Discount they will receive off the Entry Fee, not the total amount being charged.

If your Club has different categories of membership that might receive different discounts, you can configure different types of discounts depending on the category by clicking on the Member button in the top right of the Member Discounts table.

Application Fees

Application Fees can be used for Applications Only. The fee you decide to collect here will be in addition to any entry fee you are charging and will be required submit an application for the event. After flipping the Application Fee switch, a new column will appear in the Entry Fee table above.

Waitlist / Entry Caps

Waitlist allows you to set Entry Caps for maximum number of entries per Class that are allowed. Subsequent entries will be placed onto a Waitlist, and will be told they are going on a waitlist throughout the registration process. Waitlists are ordered in accordance to the timestamp of when the registration occurred.

At this time, payment is not required in order to be placed on a waitlist so once a guest is accepted off the waitlist, the Admin will need to issue the invoice for payment. 

Once on the waitlist, you can use the Waitlist filter in the Entry List table to view those on the waitlist.


Here are a few common examples of how a waitlist is used, and what happens when you perform an action:

  • Removing a confirmed entry from the Regatta will automatically move the first waitlisted entry off the list and into the confirmed list. Clubspot will not send any automated messages to anyone moved off the waitlist.
  • Moving an entry from one Boat Class to another will re-order the waitlist if that boat being moved to the new Boat Class entered the event before others. This means its possible that someone currently on the confirmed list may be moved to the waitlist.
  • You may also confirm a waitlisted entry without impacting other entries or positions on the waitlist.


Clubspot is connected to a number of other Classes, Associations, and Organizations who also rely on our services. You can use these connections to force or suggest membership validation during the registration process for your event.


To add a Membership validation, click the + VALIDATION button. You'll see a number of different Organizations that you can choose from.

๐Ÿ‘Clubspot supports multiple membership validations at one time

For example, you can require both US Sailing membership and USODA membership for the same registration.

After connecting a membership validation, you can click into the Organization to view some additional settings. These settings include whether it is required or optional, who it applies to (skipper only or skipper and crew), which Classes the membership validation applies to, and if there is a Sanctioning Fee.

Sanctioning Fee

The Sanctioning Fee automatically charges a nominated fee and passes it off to the connected membership account. This is an easy way to automatically distribute funds if you are running a Sanctioned Event on behalf of an Organization or Class Association.

โ—๏ธClubspot recommends turning off member charges and/or offline payments if you are collecting Sanctioning Fees.

Member charges or offline payments will require manual reconciliation and distribution of Sanctioning fees, so disabling them as payment options will make the process easier.

Data Collection

The Data Collection section is where you can configure the inbound data you need to know about your competitors for the event. Clubspot collects a lot of standard information out of box such as First Name, Last Name, email, mobile, medical details, and emergency contact information including name and mobile. Common additional data may be configured by flipping the switches in this section.



 ๐Ÿšง If you enable Parent/Guardian information, we will use this as the default contact information for sending e-signatures and all communications

๐Ÿšง Additional Data Collection options apply to all Classes

Custom Fields

For any additional information that you need to collect, you cause our Custom Fields. You may come across an error message if we feel your question is too close to a standard question we already ask, or if your question is trying to collect personal information such as credit card numbers or legally binding answers.

Custom questions can be configured to specific Classes after they've been created.

Dropdown-type questions also give you the possibility of configuring automatic coupon codes or price increases or decreases based on the response. To add a price change or coupon based on a response, click on the Dropdown Option after adding it.

Custom Fields can be used if you are hosting a social event after the regatta and want to confirm registration as well as add an additional fee to attend. 




Coupons can be created as part of your event for things like Earlybird Discounts or promotional reasons. To get started, click + NEW COUPON.


Coupons can accommodate both fixed and percentage prices, and have a range of switches available to you.

  • Available - will disable the coupon if turned off
  • Stackable - will allow you to use the coupon alongside other coupons if enabled
  • Compatible with member discounts - will allow members who might already be reaching a discount to redeem a coupon for an even bigger discount

Coupon usage is tracked as part of the Reporting process so you can see who used a Coupon with their registration.


๐ŸšงHousing is still considered a BETA feature

By enabling Housing for your event, we will ask the registrant if they are interested or require Housing during the registration process. Housing request will appear under Entry List > Housing for you to manage.

There are two options for the Approval Process:

  • Event Level - means that Housing will be approved for the entire event (recommended)
  • Nightly - means that each night of available housing will not to be approved (this option will generate a new request for each night for each registration)