Camps Registration


Registrations can be managed by clicking on the registration row to view participant details, payment information, and more.



The Participant tab allows you to view all information provided through the registration form. This information can be configured under Settings > Data Collection including Custom Questions.



Class & Session

The Class & Session is where you can see what the participant is enrolled in, and where you can make changes if needed.



Any changes you make to a Class or Session enrollment will automatically update the waitlist if there is one.

If you need to remove the Participant from a Class, just deselect each of the Sessions.

❗️ Participants cannot change their Class & Session once they've enrolled in the Camp

Any changes require Camp Admin assistance.


The Billing section is where you can see all of the Billing information associated with the registration and is broken up into 3 sections: Summary, Payments, Orders and Invoices.

The Billing area is where you can find all of the relative fees and perform refunds.

To view all payment details or perform a refund, click on the the respective Invoice. Once in the invoice view, you can view customer related details like the receipt, order, and payment method, as well as the associated fees with this registration.



The Orders view allows you to see what (if any) additional items may have also been ordered alongside the registration.

Orders may include things such as merchandise, meals, boat charters, or anything else you might be offering as part of your Camp. Clicking on the Order row will take you to the corresponding Reporting > Orders view to see the Order by line item.


To perform a refund, click the ISSUE REFUND button, where you'll see an overlay pop up with some prompts.



Clubspot allows you to perform either partial or full refunds on any associated charge. In this example, you can choose to refund the registration fee itself or the processing fee which was collected in addition to the registration fee.

👍 Platform Fee Refunds

Clubspot recognizes running events is tough on budgets which is why we return our Platform Fee (or proportional amount) whenever an online payment refund is performed. The processing fee however is not returned to the organizer if a refund is performed.

The process of issuing a refund is the same for a partial payment / refund. You are essentially adjusting the amount due / owed on the invoice.  If you need to collect additional funds, you can issue a new invoice. 




Clubspot also allows you to invoice a registrant should they owe you any additional money for the Camp. To issue an invoice, just click the + NEW INVOICE button at the bottom of the page to get started.



After an invoice is issued, we'll automatically update the Payment status of the registration for you. For example, if the registrant paid $100 but owed you an additional $50, the new status would say 'Paid $100 of $150' and be changed from green to grey to differentiate. Once paid, the status would update to 'Paid $150'.

Once an Invoice is issued, it cannot be changed. However, there are several options to help you reconcile and re-send if necessary. Just click on the Invoice row to view the options.



You might also see other invoice statuses depending on how you are running your Camp. A Draft invoice indicates that the registration likely required a Deposit, and the remaining balance left from the time of registration is waiting for you to send. To send the Draft invoice, just click on it and click 'Send Invoice'.



To set up an E-signature document or learn more about how it works, please reference the E-signatures section of this guide.

The E-signatures view allows you to quickly reference the status of the existing waiver, or issue a new waiver if required.

👍 Automatic reminders are sent every 3 days until the waiver is signed

To view waiver details, click on the listed waiver. If you need to send a reminder, update an email address, or withdraw the contract entirely, you can click on the waiver row which will display the contract details view.

To resend the waiver or update the email address, click on the 3 dots on the waiver row. If you need to withdraw the waiver, click on the Withdraw option along the menu bar.

You can also download the waiver.



Sending a New Waiver

If you need to issue a new waiver for any reason, click on the REQUEST NEW WAIVER button and follow the prompts to select the correct waiver and also confirm the email that it will be sent to.



❗️Issuing a new waiver will not change the status of previously issued waivers

Clubspot does not recommend issuing a new waiver if the existing waiver is Unsigned or Partially Signed. Instead you should send a reminder or update the email address to ensure the original contract is signed. The other option available to you is to withdraw the waiver entirely.


Notes are a great way to save additional details internally about a registration such as why a refund was provided..

Notes are not viewable by anyone other than Camp Admin.



Remove / Archive Registration

If you need to remove a registration, click the three dots and select 'Archive registration'.  Removing a registration archives it so that Clubspot can preserve payment information for accurate accounting. Should you accidentally remove a registration, please contact Clubspot so that we can reverse the status for you.

A secondary confirmation will appear after clicking Remove to be sure this is what you want to do, especially if a payment has not been refunded.