Scoring a regatta


Clubspot Scoring is compatible on all devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile. In addition to being mobile compatible, Clubspot also supports multiple users at one time for scoring purposes. However, Clubspot does not recommend that multiple people score the same Boat Class simultaneously.

The Scoring panel will launch in a new browser tab, so if you don't see anything happen after clicking START SCORING or Scoring Panel from the menu, please check your pop-up blocker settings, or look for a small icon in your browser URL bar, and click on it to open the Scoring Panel.

The Scoring Panel is split into a left/right view on desktop and tablet, and for mobile it changes to a Scored/Unscored which you can switch at the bottom of the screen.


Using the Scoring Panel


The Scoring Panel has controls for moving to other Races and a few Views you can play with to help you be more efficient with scoring. The Views can be turned on/off anytime during scoring, and will remain as a user specific preference until the user changes it.



You can also use the Classes listed to multi-select what you need for scoring. The default is All Classes but you can click to change the view.

The Position will update automatically based on which Class(es) you are viewing, but do not reflect the finish position as displayed on the public results. Clubspot's scoring logic will automatically place boats into the appropriate positions after factoring Classes, Fleets, and Letter Scores.



One Design

To Score, all you need to do is click on the Boat in the left column. It will move to the right 'Scored' column automatically and be placed in the correct order.


You can also use the search bar to look up based on Sail Number, Country Code, or Boat Name to quickly find a boat.


If you need to assign a Letter Score or if you need to remove the Boat because of an error, click on the scored boat you wish to adjust.

Letter Scores will either take into account any Scoring Setup configuration, or ask for the points you wish to assign. Boats will remain in their position should you need to restore the original finish. Clubspot will automatically recalculate scores for display on the public results.

 If you need to reorder any scored boats due to a scoring error or protest decision, you can click on the 4 dots to the left of the Position to drag-and-drop the Boat to a new Position.


Scoring PHRF is not much different than scoring One Design. However, we will ask for a finish time when a boat is designated as PHRF scoring, and you have an additional option to assign a Letter Score during this step if needed.

We'll automatically plug in the time from your computer or phone so that you can live score if you want to, and then make corrections if needed after.

If you'd like to check your corrected times, be sure to enable Start & Finish Time from the View menu, and then scroll right after scoring.


We recommend that you enable Boat Name and Start & Finish Times for PHRF scoring in the Scoring Panel View options


To set up pursuit scoring, navigate to the "Scoring" left menu item and select "Classes". Then select the relevant class and change the scoring method to pursuit.

To calculate start times, click on the "Races" sub-menu item under "Scoring" and either create a race, or select a race you have already created. Under the "Advanced" section of the race, you should see an option to configure race starts. Click on the highlighted "starts" link, and create a new start (specifying the desired pursuit class) or click on an existing start. This will bring you to the race start details view, where you will see options to enter race distance and a link to export pursuit start times.


Changing handicap ratings

You can edit handicap ratings directly from the scoring panel. By default, Clubspot will use the new handicap rating as the default rating for that boat, across all races in the regatta. If you'd like to use race-specific handicap ratings (different handicap ratings for individual races) we have you covered too! Just toggle the switch in the popup window to indicate that you want to apply the handicap to that specific race.


Publishing & Unpublishing

When you are ready to publish results, just click PUBLISH in the upper right of your race. Clicking Publish will publish results for all scored boats. If there are unscored boats, they will not be scored unless you have set Score unscored boats as DNC which is why we recommend not using this setting.

It is perfectly okay to Publish a Race with unscored boats and then score them live. Clubspot results automatically update, and will show real-time results.

Unpublishing the Race will temporarily remove the Race and all scores until the Race is published again.



Viewing Results

If you'd like to view results directly from the Scoring Panel, just click View and scroll to the bottom of the options.


For more information about results, click below to learn more about Managing Results.