Regatta Products


Products can also be considered merchandise or anything you may want to sell alongside your Regatta. This could be a boat charter, t-shirt, hat, water bottle, or social tickets to a BBQ. Products you add to the Regatta will also display on the Regatta Shop page where non-competitors can also purchase things. You can find the link to the Regatta Shop under your Links menu.

Products can carry multiple price points for additional options so that you do not need to duplicate products

For items like a t-shirt or something that has sizes, you can create a parent product, and then add sizing options within it.

Adding a Product

To get started, click the + PRODUCT button in the top right.

You can add either existing Products previously used or added at the Club level, or you can add a new Product.


After adding a product, you have options to add an image, adjust availability and stock, add options, and even tie an E-signature to the product.

❗️ Clubspot does not recommend configuring a Product as anything other than 'Standard' for the Product Type in the settings.

Here is an example of the added Product through the Registration flow


Here is an example of the added Product through the Online Shop flow


Product E-signatures

You can also attach an E-signature document to a specific product. This can be extremely useful for boat charters in which the charterer may need to sign a Boat Charter Agreement to use the boat