Create a Reservable Product

To create a Booking, for example for Members to RSVP for a club social event, book a tennis court, or reserve a club boat, you first need to create a reservable product

To do so, first go to the Reservations tab on your club's dashboard, click 'Reservable Products' and theb [+Add Availability] 

This will prompt you to add or select the product you want to enable reservations for. Then, set the product type to 'Bookable' to set up booking availability.

You can now create a new product that will be used for reservations. 

Once you've created a new product, you can update the details. To make this a reservation, you need to change the Product Type to a 'Reservable Item'. The default is 'Standard'. This will also create a link which will ultimately be linked to the website for these reservations. 



You can also change the Booking Schedule. The default is 'Always Available' but can toggle to a 'Custom Schedule' if preferred. For example, if Boat Slips are only available from May 1 - September 30 Monday - Friday you can make this change. You can also set availability timing for reservations. 

Advance Bookings allows you to select how far in advance the reservation can be made. The default is 'Unlimited' but can toggle to up to '14 days in advance' which would allow Customers to book up to 14 days. 

Display is another setting to either show or hide the Customers names who have made  reservations for the selected day. The default is to 'Show Names' but can toggle to 'Hide Names'. 

Once all details are updated, you can test the Reservations link, located under Produce Type.