Regattas Overview


Racing and Regatta management are close to Clubspot's core. We're racers at heart and it's how we ended up where we are today with Clubspot. If you ever need regatta advice or just have a few questions, we speak the same language - reach out anytime!

Supported Scoring

  • One-Design standard racing

    Divisional scoring for age or other similar needs
    Optimist friendly scoring for Red, White, and Blue Division

  • One-Design with Fleet Scoring

    Qualifying and Finals format
    Round Robin format
    USODA compliant scoring

  • PHRF

    Time on Time
    Time on Distance

  • IRC
  • Portsmouth AUS/UK/USA
  • Pursuit
  • PDF Uploads


Clubspot offers two pricing models for Regattas. One is a pay as you go option, and the other is a rate pre-negotiated for our Custom account users. Rates advertised below are in USD and you can assume the equivalent amount in your local currency.

Pay as you go

  • 4% + processing on entry fees $249 or less
  • 2.5% + processing on entry fees $250 or more
  • $10 Clubspot fee cap + processing
  • $4.00 flat fee for Offline transactions including

    Member Charge

Custom Pricing
Custom pricing is reserved for users with Custom Accounts, or users who process high volume transactions with Clubspot.

Processing Fees
Whenever an online transaction is processed, a processing fee is charged by the payment provider, Stripe. Rates will vary depending on currency, so please check with Stripe for specifics. The rates below apply to USD transactions.

  • Credit/Debit Card: 2.9% + $0.30
  • ACH Bank transfer: 0.8% capped at $5.00