Point of Sale: adding a card reader

To add a new card reader to your Clubspot Point of Sale dashboard and system, simply enter 07139 on the card reader. This will prompt a three-word registration code to verify the card reader to your dashboard. Type in the three words and once complete the card reader should appear on your list of card readers in your dashboard. 

  1. Go to Point of Sale
  2. Readers
  3. [+New Reader] in the upper right-hand corner 
  4. Create the reader Display Name 
  5. Enter 07139 on the card reader 
  6. Enter the Registration code (random set of three words) 
  7. The card reader is successfully set up if it appears on the dashboard 


Here is a helpful article from Stripe as well https://stripe.com/docs/terminal/readers/bbpos-wisepos-e