Orders & Line Items



The Orders section will show you all orders across all Channels in Clubspot. Orders are comprised of Line Items that are created at the time if checkout depending on the Channel used.


Reservations include anything that was paid for via the Reservations service

Registrations include any registration for a Camp, Regatta, or Social Event

POS includes anything purchased through the Point of Sale App

The Orders table is searchable by customer/member name, and can also be filtered by the Channel type. Each row includes important information including charge subtotal, tax, tip, refund, total, line items, payment method, customer, and payment status.

You can also look at additional payment information including Cash, Tips, Refunds, and Taxes by clicking on the dropdown located under the Gross Revenue number in the graph.

You can also click on a Order row to view additional details including specific line items and even perform a refund if needed.

Line Items

The Line Items table will show you each individual purchase made across your Club account. Line items are what comprise Orders. Line Items can include things from entry fees to merchandise to individual items on a POS order.

The Line Items table allows you to search by customer name, product name, or member number. In addition, you cause use the Filter to apply GL Codes to your search, and then export the relevant data.

The Line Items table also shows you which items have been Invoiced, Reversed, or are scheduled to be invoiced. Only pending Line Items can be reversed. Once a a Line Item is finalized and invoiced, it can only be refunded or credited back to the member in the form of member credit on their account.

To adjust a particular Line Item, click on the 3 dots at the right end of the table and select Preview Invoice.

Recently, we've udpated the Line Item report to no longer include items for 'zero dollar custom_fields'. To export line items for orders, based on custom registration questions, you can export the 'Entries' which will show how registrants answered each custom question.