Club "Membership Add-On"

To configure Memberships that represent a sub-group of membership, you can add a “membership add-on” that you can add/remove from any membership.

Here are the steps to do so: 

  1. Go to Memberships > Add-Ons 
  2. This will then bring you to the Products tab to create this new membership add-on
  3. Click [+ NEW PRODUCT] in the top right-hand corner and then enter the name and price
  4. Once the Product is created you can edit the settings by clicking on the Product. 
  5. You can upload a picture if preferred. Click on the thumbnail and select a photo from your computer to upload.  
  6. Most importantly you will need to change the Product Type. The default is 'Standard'. Simply click on the drop-down to switch the selection to 'membership add-on".  


When a member wants to add or drop the membership add-on, i.e. Sailing Boat Slip, an admin can add or remove that service from their membership with a single click. 

Here are the steps to do so: 

  1. Click into the Member you would like to add the Sailing Boat Slip to 
  2. In the Member details, go to the 'Plan' tab and scroll down to Products and click [+PRODUCT]  
  3. The 'Sailing Boat Slip' product will pop up to add to this membership. Click and then confirm the update to the Billing plan